Why should I recycle? What’s in it for me?

Why should I recycle? What’s in it for me?
August 1, 2016 KT Doyle
Compressed blue denim jeans collected by JEANBAG to recycle into their homewares products
If we consider there are more than seven billion people on the planet and we are continuing to make new products from non-renewable sources like there’s no tomorrow and dump waste in our environment that’s not going to breakdown for hundreds of thousands of years, that in itself should answer this question.
Why should I recycle? Because it’s one way you can help.
There are two ways you can have an impact. First, you can buy less stuff that’s made from non-renewable, virgin materials. If even a percentage of us did this, it would make a huge difference. And second, you can recycle what you do buy. This takes some conscious effort until you get in the groove. Funnily enough, not at the recycling bin (that bit’s pretty straight forward), but at the checkout.
However, it’s easy to reduce your consumption and what you throw away when you focus on making well-considered decisions. When looking to buy something, I ask myself: Do I really need this? If so, is it well-made? Does it support local, fair-trade, someone’s livelihood? Will it become a keep-sake or family heirloom? Can I make it into something new if my needs change? Could I give it to someone else, trade it, sell it, share it or recycle it?
These questions help me buy less stuff and appreciate the things I have more. I feel lighter and happier and aligned with my true values. After all, life is about the people and not the stuff, right?
And, that’s also part of the payback you get from recycling. While you actively contribute to protecting our environment by lessening the burden on our landfills, you also get that nice, gooey feeling from doing good in the world. For me, that feeling is more than enough of a reason to get to it…
Our My JEANBAG program is a great way to recycle your jeans and it’s easy. All you need to do is send us a pair of your old blue denims and we’ll incorporate them into one of our beautiful JEANBAG beanbags. Each JEANBAG keeps seven pairs of jeans out of landfill and close to our skin, where they should be… Learn more about My JEANBAG and how you can get your recycling on!
x KT