Who's behind JEANBAG?

KT Doyle.
Founder & Designer.


I’m a dreamer, a believer, a wanderer and a maker. As an artist and designer, I’ve been sharing stories through my artwork and surface designs for wallpaper and textiles for over 20 years. I’ve exhibited on three continents and worked with exciting companies in Australia and New Zealand who share my sustainable vision.
I love beautiful things and need to feel in harmony with my environment. I’m also completely practical and consume very little. I like it this way. I like to nurture and build on what I have—friendships, relationships, memories and objects.
You could say that these and other things have shaped how I am in the world.
While making artwork and designing patterns was the perfect way to express myself, I felt like something was missing. I felt compelled to do more and be more.
That’s when a local recycling competition walked into my life and I entered it.
I created JEANBAG and it changed everything.
What was missing was having a purpose greater than fulfilling my own needs. A purpose defined by the needs of my community.
I now have a razor-sharp, single focus—to divert denim waste from landfill. JEANBAG is allowing me to create something beautiful and useful from something that has been loved and discarded, but is by no means at the end of its wonderful life.
While I currently make everything myself, I’m lucky to work with a bunch of like-minded people including photographers, stylists and local businesses, friends and family. For this reason, I think of JEANBAG as ‘we’ and not ‘me’. It’s about so much more than one person.
It’s about you too, and what we can achieve together.