What people say about JEANBAG

“Stylish and comfortable… Just like your favourite pair of jeans, JEANBAG will soon be your favourite piece of furniture.”

Danh Nhan
Game Designer & lover of cool stuff

“We got our JEANBAG for the kids to use in their TV area, but I often toss them out of it so I can sit in it and read. It’s really comfortable and the high back offers great neck support. The width of the bag is also fantastic—while watching a movie I keep the remote handy on one side and a bowl of snacks on the other. Really, I use it more than the kids!”

Susan Corley
Teacher, sewer & mother of two

“We love our JEANBAG so much we’ve ordered another! It’s so comfortable, just like great jeans should be.”

Melissa Healy
Interior Designer, triathlete & mother of two

“I’m passionate about art and design, things that are well crafted and have stories to tell. JEANBAG is a superior example of good design solving a problem and doing it in the most beautiful possible way. JEANBAG is a superb product!”

Jacqueline Armitstead
Award-winning Art Consultant, Curator & mother of three

“We love how JEANBAG has chosen to do something good for the environment both locally and globally. We share one planet and we need to do good everywhere.”

Louise Lindsay
Physiotherapist, Norwex Consultant & eco-conscious mother of two

“JEANBAG’s message of recycling and giving fit together like hand and glove. And then there’s the fact it’s the coolest beanbag made from recycled denim jeans.”

Renai Grace
Art Consultant & art lover

“We’ve been JEANBAG fans right from the start. We like to support makers, original ideas and people who think outside the square. Our JEANBAG is a reminder of the good that people are doing in the world.”

Nicolas Cariati
Company Director, woodworker & beach lover

“As a maker myself, I thoroughly appreciate the time, skill and effort that goes into handmade products. The craftsmanship and quality of our JEANBAG is spot on. And, it’s the go to seat in the studio for our clients!”

Mark McCarthy
Designer, family man & nature lover

“JEANBAG was the perfect gift for my brother’s wedding. The only thing is… when I visit, he’s always in it, so I never get a turn!”

Michael Eales
Strategy Designer, design enthusiast & traveller

“I got my JEANBAG for my birthday and I love chilling out in it in my room listening to music or hanging out with my friends. My friends think it’s pretty cool too.”

Ava Gaffney
Student, clarinetist, budding actor & lover of fun stuff

“We love joining with people to celebrate big things and little things. Our JEANBAG Bunting was the perfect adornment for our family gathering at christmas. We love it so much that six months on, it’s still up…”

Leesa Hickey
Company & Gallery Director, designer & art lover

“Spending time with my kids is so special and I love it when we bake together. Not only do they learn in the process, but they have so much fun. Our JEANBAG aprons are great for keeping them clean and I just pop them in the wash when we’re done.”

Justine Zulueta-Khoury
Mother of two & foodie

“Treading lightly on the planet is very much a part of our raw food philosophy. That’s why we commissioned JEANBAG to design and make our aprons. Being made from recycled jeans is not only right on point, but denim is so hard-wearing, our aprons wash up as new time and time again.”

Neil Barnett
Garden to Gourmet Founder & keen musician