Recycle Me.

We’ll give your old jeans a new life

The fastest growing household waste in Australia is clothing. On average we each throw out 30kg of clothing and textile items a year.

What’s Recycle Me?

We currently partner with charity organisations to source our recycled denim jeans. We love this relationship and we love supporting their work.
One day we thought, what happens to all the old jeans that aren’t donated to charity? They’re probably thrown out when they’re no longer wanted.
So, we decided to create our Recycle Me program and invite you to send us your old denim jeans. You know, that pair of jeans at the back of your cupboard that hasn’t seen the light of day for a decade and were going to chuck in the bin when you did your spring cleaning?


What’s in it for me?

We know you’d probably be content with that warm feeling you get from doing good in the world, but we’d like to thank you for joining with us to help divert textile waste from landfill and give you 10% off your next JEANBAG purchase when you send us your jeans.


How can I get involved?

Send us your jeans…
1. Check your jeans are 100% cotton and non-stretch.
2. Empty your pockets. We won’t be held liable for any loss you might incur.
3. Wash your jeans. For hygiene reasons, please send them to us clean.
4. Send your jeans to our postal address: JEANBAG, PO Box 1123, New Farm, Qld, 4005, Australia. Include your name and email address so we can send your discount coupon!

Australian charities receive 22 tonnes of clothing waste per day, but they estimate only 10% is of resell quality. The rest goes to textile recycling.

We encourage you to do whatever it takes to keep your denim out of landfill. Give your old jeans to charity, to op shops, to organised missions. Give them to friends. Organise a clothes swap. Upcycle them yourself into something new and wonderful. Our Recycle Me program is simply another option for recycling your jeans.