Make it personal, use my jeans

Your jeans are personal…
And, so are your stories.


Think of all the amazing things you’ve done while wearing your favourite pair of jeans. They hold your secrets and tell your stories… first dates, proposals, home renovations and travel adventures…
That’s why we thought it would be perfect for you to incorporate your very own jeans into your very own JEANBAG.
Both the Original JEANBAG for adults and JEANBAG Junior for kids can be customised with your jeans. If you’d like us to use your jeans in your JEANBAG, follow these simple steps.

1. Check your jeans are 100% cotton and non-stretch

Our JEANBAGS are made from 100% cotton recycled denim jeans. Using one type of fabric ensures there will be no weird shrinkage or puckering issues across your JEANBAG. Check the care or branded label on your jeans to find out what they’re made from. We don’t want any elastane or lycra or any stretch jeans compromising the amazing quality and feel of your JEANBAG.


2. Check your back pockets for buttons or rivets

We like to use as much of your jeans in your JEANBAG as possible. And, we always incorporate jean back pockets in your JEANBAG, so you’ve got somewhere to pop the remote, or those sneaky snacks. Some jeans have rivets or buttons on the back pockets. We don’t use these as they can scratch wooden and tiled floors. If your jeans have buttons or rivets on the back pockets, you can still send them in. We’ll use most of your jeans, but substitute in some of our own stash of jean pockets. Problem solved!


3. Check the quality of your fabric

We want to help divert textile waste from landfill, in particular, denim waste. We like to use jeans that are at the end of their wearable life, but they still need to have a little life left in them. It’s fine if they have rips and holes and paint stains, but if the fabric is really thin and threadbare, they’re not going to last the test of time in your JEANBAG.


4. Choose just one pair

Send us one pair of denim jeans to incorporate into your JEANBAG and we’ll draw on our own stash of beautiful jeans for the rest. Pick the pair which holds the most amazing stories in it, or your all time favourite pair. One that means something wonderful to you.


5. Make sure your jeans are blue

We use blue denim in all our products. It’s just our thing. So, please send us blue jeans only.


6. Empty your pockets

We won’t be held liable for any loss you might incur by sending us jeans with items still in their pockets. So please, empty all the pockets of your jeans before you send them to us.


7. Wash your jeans

We ask that you wash your jeans before you send them to us. We’ll wash and dry them again, but for hygiene reasons, please send them to us clean. Thank you.


8. Send us your jeans

Package up your jeans and send them to our postal address. You can find those details on our Contact page. We ask that you pay for the postage as we don’t charge any extra to customise your JEANBAG. Thanks for being so swell about this.

“Fellas, JEANBAG will support you in all the right places… Seriously, it’s the most comfortable beanbag ever!”

Adam Hearne
Accountant & circus performer