MUD Jeans: The innovative denim brand transforming how we buy jeans

MUD Jeans: The innovative denim brand transforming how we buy jeans
April 1, 2017 KT Doyle
Life is a journey of discovery, full of continued learning and experiences that shape our values, inspire our goals and fuel our dreams. Sometimes these experiences are earth-shatteringly wonderful and fill us with ambition and energy and make us unstoppable. Other times, we experience things that are soul-destroying, but they somehow give us the push we need to make massive change.
Meet Bert van Son, Founder and CEO of MUD Jeans, a Dutch denim brand that is changing the way we engage with fashion. You see, in 2013, Bert set up the world’s first leasing service for denim jeans. An ingenious idea born out of the harsh reality of working in the textile industry for over 30 years. While working in China, he saw first-hand the impact fast fashion has on the environment and factory workers and committed to finding ‘a better way’ to make clothes.
‘A better way’ can mean so many things, and more often than not, brands look to create efficiencies and cost cutting processes to make ‘a better profit’. But, for MUD Jeans, producing clothing ‘a better way’, means minimising the impact on the environment and putting people first.
So, how do they do this? MUD Jeans offers customers two options: buy your jeans outright, or ‘lease’ them for a monthly fee and at the end of 12 months either keep your jeans or send them back for recycling and receive a new pair. They also repair and resell your used jeans and recycle the yarn back into fabric to make new garments. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you wear their jeans for years, when you’re ready, you can send them back for recycling. As custodians of their product, MUD Jeans can do this as they’ve designed their jeans with the end in mind. And, so is their beautiful circular, cradle-to-cradle model.

“This is the future: producers that are responsible for their own waste.”—Bert van Son.

MUD Jeans are also a B-Corp member, which is not an easy certification to get. B-Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. And, MUD Jeans meets these standards at every level. From their closed loop production and fair trade factories, to using organic cotton and choosing to not use leather in their labels, and of course their packaging uses recycled materials. Each of these decisions has an impact and when you bring such mindful resolution to how you do things, you can tread very gently on the planet.
One of the most ground-breaking aspects of the MUD Jeans story is that they are opening us up to a new mindset, a new way to enjoy and experience our love of dressing and expressing our style. They’re changing the landscape when it comes to enjoying our clothes without paying the price of the fashion industry’s all too common unsustainable, unethical practices.
When you look at the staggering amount of clothing either entering landfill or being burned and entering the atmosphere each year, we absolutely have to do things ‘a better way’. MUD Jeans, are helping us turn the corner, proving this new ‘fashion system’ is more than viable, it’s exemplary in showing ways we can work together as a global collective to help future-proof our resources and our environment.
Get onboard and check out the MUD Jeans collection, learn more about their process and philosophy and join a community of forward-thinking people who share the same aspirations for ‘a better life’ on our beautiful planet.
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Image: By Fauve Bouwman, courtesy of MUD Jeans