Join the movement and give your old jeans a new life

Join the movement and give your old jeans a new life
September 1, 2016 KT Doyle
Stack of recycled denim jeans used in our JEANBAG products
Did you know that the fastest growing household waste in Australia is clothing? On average we each throw out 30kg of clothing and textile items a year.
And that, Australian charities receive 22 tonnes of clothing waste per day, but they estimate only 10% is of resell quality? The rest goes to textile recycling.
If you didn’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone…
National Recycling Week kicks off today around Australia and is the perfect time for us to launch our brand new initiative, Recycle Me, where you can now recycle your old denim jeans directly through JEANBAG and make a difference to those national statistics!
Earlier this year we launched My JEANBAG, where you can send in a pair of your old jeans for us to incorporate into your very own JEANBAG. Now we’re inviting you to become a greater part of our recycling story. Send us as many pairs of your old denim jeans as you like and we’ll remake them into the most amazing JEANBAG products so they can continue life in the world. And, we’d like to give you 10% off your next JEANBAG purchase to say thanks!
We believe we need to do whatever it takes to keep denim out of landfill. Give your old jeans to charity, to op shops, to organised missions. Give them to friends. Organise a clothes swap. Upcycle them yourself into something new and wonderful. Our Recycle Me program is simply another option for recycling your jeans.
Learn how you can get involved and send us your jeans.
x KT