How to avoid the top 3 mistakes people make when buying a beanbag

How to avoid the top 3 mistakes people make when buying a beanbag
October 1, 2016 KT Doyle
Cute little boy plays on his iPad while sitting in his favourite recycled denim jean beanbag by JEANBAG
You wouldn’t think you could go wrong choosing a beanbag. I mean, it seems simple… You buy a cover, you fill it, and away you go. Right? Wrong… There are a few things you want to consider when buying a beanbag, so you don’t end up making these common mistakes:
1. You get what you pay for
Like with most things, buying at prices that sound too good to be true, means they usually are. You might feel like you’re saving a few bucks by buying a cheap beanbag, but you’ll pay for it down the track when the seams split and your filling is flying all over your living room. If something is cheap it usually means the workmanship is poor because it’s been made quickly on a production line and the brand is focusing on volume sales, not producing quality products. Often, they cut corners and save money using inferior materials, which is great for them, but not for you. To avoid tears down the track, check the stitching and details for quality workmanship, and the materials used are durable and made to last. This tip alone will save you a good deal of time, money and heartache!
2. Just because it’s a beanbag, doesn’t mean it’s comfortable
There are many different designs, shapes and styles of beanbags on the market making which one to choose quite tricky. Some are tear-drop shaped, some look like over-sized cushions, and then you have our triangular shape. At the end of the day, you want to be able to totally chill out in your beanbag, really unwind and relax. Check the design has good back and neck support—this is especially important for kids. And, make sure it’s easy to top up your filling, as it will compress over time, requiring little top ups here and there.
3. Not all beanbags are made equal
Do a little research on the company you are buying from. Do they stand behind their products with pride? Or, are they simply banging out product at the lowest price? Find out where their beanbags are made? Are they made locally? Ethically? What’s their environmental footprint? We all want to support companies who align with our values. After all, that makes us feel good.
I hope this little list helps when you go shopping for your next beanbag. Remember, you’re investing in a piece of furniture, which you love and want to last.
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x KT