Frequently Asked Questions

What is JEANBAG made from?

JEANBAG is made from recycled denim jeans. This is because we believe reducing our consumption of raw materials goes a long way towards creating a brighter future for our planet. We know you care about this too.

Where does the denim for my JEANBAG come from? Do you wash it first?

We source our denim locally from charity groups like The Endeavour Foundation, who support people with disabilities and the RSPCA, whose mission is to protect and care for animals through advocacy and shelter. They’re thoroughly washed and dried before being transformed into our range of JEANBAG products.

Can you make me a JEANBAG using my jeans? Can I send them to you?

Yes, we can include a pair of your own jeans in your JEANBAG! Check out the helpful information on the MY JEANBAG page. It tells you everything you need to know about sending your jeans to us. If you still have questions, please contact us.

My JEANBAG has raw seams and frayed edges. Is it meant to look like this?

Good question… Yes, your JEANBAG is meant to look like this. Just as you like the relaxed feel of your favourite pair of cut-off jeans, we like the lived in feel that frayed edges bring to JEANBAG. These raw edges have been reinforced with two rows of secure stitching, so there shouldn’t be any structural problems for your JEANBAG, but you might like to trim loose threads from time to time to keep it looking tidy.

What does the unique number on my JEANBAG mean?

Each JEANBAG is unique—just like you! So, we decided we would give every single JEANBAG a unique number to celebrate it’s individuality. From time to time we might select your unique JEANBAG number in competitions and giveaways and invite you to special launch events. As part of your purchase, you signed up to our newsletter. This is how we’ll keep you up to date with all things JEANBAG, including the fantastic initiatives we have planned.

What do I fill my JEANBAG with and how much should I use?

For the best comfort we recommend you fill your JEANBAG with polystyrene micro beads (also called beans). Micro beads are smaller than standard polystyrene beads and will last longer due to their density, which will also make them quieter. However, you can use standard beads if you like. Refer to individual product descriptions for recommendations on filling quantity.

You can also try filling your JEANBAG with other fillings like foam peanut packing, shredded foam or pistachio nut shells, although these types of fillings won’t be as comfortable as polystyrene beads. In the future, we hope to bring you an eco-option for your bead filling.

Do I have to buy my own filling for my JEANBAG? Where from?

Purchase polystyrene micro beads online and have them delivered to major capital cities:
Standard beads are available from K-mart, Target, Big W, Spotlight and Bunnings or search online for your local supplier.

Rest of the World
Generally department and hardware stores stock polystyrene beads. Check with your local retailers or online for micro and standard polystyrene beads.

How do I fill my JEANBAG?

Follow these steps to fill and empty your JEANBAG. Remember safety first!

1. Grab a friend to help you out. Filling your JEANBAG is a two person job.

2. Find somewhere safe and dry and out of the reach of young children and pets—the bathtub or bathroom is ideal.

3. Insert a paperclip or safety pin into the eye of the safety locking zipper—creating a pull tab—and slide the zipper open.

4. Get one person to hold your JEANBAG open, while the other person inserts the neck of the filling bag into your JEANBAG. You might need to start and stop to jiggle the filling as it fills your JEANBAG. Slow and steady wins the race here!

5. Once your bead filling is transferred safely inside, close the safety locking zipper and sit on your JEANBAG to check you have filled it to your desired comfort level. You might need to remove some bead filling or top it up.

6. Once you’re happy with the amount of bead filling, close the safety locking zipper all the way to the very end, to keep your bead filling securely contained.

7. Remove the paperclip or safety pin. This will prevent the zipper dislodging and opening your JEANBAG.

8. Safely dispose of any bead filling that might have escaped on the floor. It is a choking hazard for young children and pets.

How do I care for my JEANBAG?

Your JEANBAG can be washed. Please follow the care instructions printed on your JEANBAG.

You will need to empty your bead filling before washing, close the zipper, and wash your JEANBAG separately in a cold wash. Do not bleach your JEANBAG. It may be line dried or tumble dried on a low heat setting. You may use a hot iron, but please do not dry-clean. This will help save the environment too.

JEANBAG is designed to fray and shed threads from unfinished and raw seams. This should not pose any structural problems for your JEANBAG, but you may wish to trim excess threads after washing with a pair of sharp scissors. This is entirely up to you. Just be careful not to accidentally cut a hole in your JEANBAG while you’re giving it a haircut!

In between washes, use a clothes brush to remove lint and animal hair.

The only product we recommend you don’t wash is our JEANBAG Bunting. This is because its raw edges are not reinforced with stitching, making it more prone to fraying. Just use a hot iron to keep it crease-free and looking great.

Are your products guaranteed?

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, however, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us within three working days of receiving your order and we will do our best to resolve the matter quickly. Please refer to our Returns Policy for further information.

Is JEANBAG safe for children and pets?

We have tested all our products thoroughly and have adhered to all mandatory safety requirements as specified by the Australian Product Safety Commission and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. We use high quality thread and two rows of single-stitching on all our JEANBAGS, with a light-weight lining for added strength. And, our zippers are commercial grade and lockable for durability and security. As an extra measure and for peace of mind, we suggest you do not leave children or pets unsupervised while using JEANBAG.

Where do you ship to?

We ship our products worldwide. But please note: Freight costs, import duties and taxes (if applicable) may vary depending on where you live. These costs are your responsibility and will not be paid for in part or in full by JEANBAG, unless expressly agreed upon before the time of purchase. Please check our Shipping page for details and timeframes.

Where can I buy your products?

We sell our products online in our own store, except when we do something extra-special, like hold a pop-up shop or participate in an event. Our products are hand made by people for people and we like to get to know our customers. Buying from us is like a two-way conversation. It’s simple and direct, just like us!

Where are your products made?

We are very proud to make JEANBAG in our studio, on our Singer 99k sewing machine, which has been in our family since 1952. Thank you for your love and support of makers and handmade products everywhere.

Where are you based?

JEANBAG is based in sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia, where summer is hot and winter is perfect!

What currency are your products in?

All of our items are in Australian dollars and will convert to your local currency automatically when you purchase through PayPal.

Is it safe to pay on your website?

Security is something we take very seriously. Our online store is hosted on WordPress and uses the secure WooCommerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Our store uses the secure PayPal gateway to process your payment.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still purchase on your website?

Yes you can. During our secure payment process, you will be automatically transferred to the PayPal gateway, where you can enter your details and pay with out needing a PayPal account.

Can you please send me some press photos for my publication / blog?

Sure thing, we’d love to discuss your requirements! Please contact us at

Are you working on any new products?

Yes, we’re always working on new JEANBAG products! Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about product launches, give-aways and competitions!