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  • May012017

    Fashion Revolution: Who made my clothes?

    We’ve all heard—and more than likely asked—these common questions when it comes to clothing: “Where did you buy that cool top?”, or “How much was your skirt?”, or “Does my bum look big in these jeans?” When it comes to fashion, our curiosity seems focused on price, style and our desire to emulate those we admire…

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  • Apr012017

    MUD Jeans: The innovative denim brand transforming how we buy jeans

    Life is a journey of discovery, full of continued learning and experiences that shape our values, inspire our goals and fuel our dreams. Sometimes these experiences are earth-shatteringly wonderful and fill us with ambition and energy and make us unstoppable. Other times, we experience things that are soul-destroying, but they somehow give us the push we need to make massive change.

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  • Mar012017

    AndAgain: Bringing conscious consumerism to denim

    Instagram has become a great place to find your tribe. To discover and connect with wonderful people following their passion and making a difference in the world. This is where I learned about the denim up-cycling work of mindful fashion start-up, And Again Co, who are making a very deliberate and conscious connection with us as individuals through their bespoke denim jeans.

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  • Feb012017

    Outland Denim: Making jeans and changing lives

    What if I told you, you can make a difference by buying a pair of jeans. If I told you that the pair of jeans you’re about to buy is changing the lives of the people who make them. If I told you that the change is not small… it’s massive, on every level. Wouldn’t you want to buy that pair of jeans?

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  • Dec012016
    Blue ombre denim wreath made by JEANBAG from recycled jeans

    How to make an ombré wreath from old blue jeans

    I love a good project, something you can do with friends over a glass of wine or with kids during a long summery afternoon at home. This wreath is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your front door during the festive season and re-use fabric offcuts in the process…

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  • Nov012016
    JEANBAG beanbag made from recycled denim jeans

    Every pair of jeans has stories to tell

    Think of all the amazing things you’ve done while wearing your favourite pair of jeans. They hold your secrets and tell your stories… first dates, proposals, home renovations and travel adventures…

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  • Oct012016
    Cute little boy plays on his iPad while sitting in his favourite recycled denim jean beanbag by JEANBAG

    How to avoid the top 3 mistakes people make when buying a beanbag

    You wouldn’t think you could go wrong choosing a beanbag. I mean, it seems simple… You buy a cover, you fill it, and away you go. Right? Wrong…

    There are a few things you want to consider when buying a beanbag, so you don’t end up making these common mistakes…

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  • Sep012016
    Stack of recycled denim jeans used in our JEANBAG products

    Join the movement and give your old jeans a new life

    National Recycling Week kicks off today around Australia and is the perfect time for us to launch our brand new initiative, Recycle Me, where you can now recycle your old denim jeans directly through JEANBAG…

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  • Aug012016
    Compressed blue denim jeans collected by JEANBAG to recycle into their homewares products

    Why should I recycle? What’s in it for me?

    If we consider there are more than seven billion people on the planet and we are continuing to make new products from non-renewable sources like there’s no tomorrow and dump waste in our environment that’s not going to breakdown for hundreds of thousands of years, that in itself should answer this question.

    Why should I recycle? Because it’s one way you can help…

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  • Jul012016
    Our Singer sewing machine ready to sew up our recycled denim jeans beanbags

    Why I believe in quality over quantity

    My life-long awareness about the shear quantity of ‘stuff’ that is produced in the world is one of the key reasons for my minimal approach. It’s shaped my appreciation and support for quality design, construction and materials when it comes to the products I buy.

    Whether we’re talking about furniture, clothes, appliances, homewares or personal possessions, there are a few good reasons why I believe that quality wins over quantity, hands down, every time…

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  • Jun012016
    Detail of one of our JEANBAG beanbags being folded ready to pack and ship

    5 reasons we make our products ourselves

    We’re small. Very small. And, when you’re small, you generally do everything yourself. However, we see this a positive, because we have full control over everything we do. In making our products ourselves we get to perfect our craft, hone our skills and most of all strive for excellence in everything we do.

    We thought about this good and hard the other day and distilled down five good reasons we make our products ourselves…

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  • May012016
    Detail of a woman hand-washing denim jeans in a river

    Why you shouldn’t wash your jeans

    Earlier this year, Charles Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., was nicknamed ‘Levis’ Dirty CEO’. And, he was proud of it! Fortune interviewed Bergh and he advocated for us to wash our jeans less, blazoning a trail of awareness around the amount of water we unnecessarily (and unintentionally) waste when we wash our clothes…

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